About us


Bullock's Towing is Utah's largest and most respected medium to heavy duty towing operation. Bullock's has a history rich with hard-working individuals who have a passion for doing the job right. Bullock's Towing was originally Rick Warner Truckland. In 1982 the name was changed to Bullocks Towing when Norman Bullock purchased the towing division. It was important to Bullock to continue in the tradition started by Rick Warner Ford of being local, honest and providing quality service in a timely manner.

In 1992 Norman's son Parry Bullock took over operations and expanded the fleet and moved operations to it's current home, a 3-acre state-of-the-art shop and lot in Salt Lake City.

In 2009, Dave Carman and Greg Snyder purchased Bullocks Towing and continue the tradition of quality service above all else.

"I can't thank Devin enough for driving 3 hours away to bring me a new car trailer when I was making my PCS to California and got stuck in the middle of nowhere Utah, after he was done with his job he refused to leave me on the side of the road 'till I left and even helped load my car back up on the new trailer, great heart on that man. Thank you Bullock's!"
- Nathan Green


Our working philosophy is to work with integrity, fair pricing, efficiency, reliable well-maintained equipment and a highly trained staff. Our mantra is: "We Do it, We Do it Right, and We do it Right Now!" With our rich tradition of quality service, Bullocks Towing today continues to provide local trucking companies with excellent and timely customer service. 95% of our clients use us on a daily basis to keep their own businesses running smoothly. While we aren't always the lowest quoted price we are the most efficient which saves our customers money almost every time over the lowest-bid competitor. Our customers are loyal to us because they know we can handle whatever job they have for us. Our service radius is much larger than most as we offer services in 7 states.


All of our drivers are state certified. Bullocks is a current member of the Utah Trucking Association and the Towing Alliance. We have won an excellence award from the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame.